Pro Line Pavement Markings Inc.

We use state of the art "Airless" line painting machines - Graco, Titan/Speeflows and Lemmers.  These machines are designed specifically for Professional line marking and have virtually no overspray.  We can literally paint within 30cm (1foot) of a object (usually a car tire) and not have a single drop of paint on it.  In conjunction with these machines we utilize "drivers" with are "ride on" pusher machines that attach directly to our painting machines, allowing our operators to paint straighter lines with less fatigue. These machines also allow us to apply the paint at a uniform and consistant thickness due to a consistant application speed.

We traditionally use Alkyd Traffic paint (usually Sherwin Williams or General Paint), both of these paints that we use are Lead free and the General Paints now meet the lower VOC requirements.  We can use Waterbourne Latex traffic paint but it does not seem to last as long as the Alkyd and it does cost more.