Pro Line Pavement Markings Inc.

These are just a few the "New Layout" projects we have completed:

  1. 8th Avenue Place (6 Stories of underground Parkade)
  2. McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes (Fish Creek)
  3. TD Square parkade line markings (down town Calgary)
  4. Sandy McNabb Camp ground dump station in Kananskis
  5. St. Michael's Catholic Community Church
  6. Brenda Strafford Affordable Housing Parkade & Exterior line markings
  7. Calgary Flying Club (Tarmack line markings for Planes)
  8. Sierra Springs (Hopewell Developments Project in Airdrie)
  9. NW Costco gas bar
  10. Banff Legacy Trail (path way line painting)
  11. University of Calgary ( new parking lot, roadway lines, stop bars, x-walks, and curbing)
  12. Langdon Bridge road way work (Graham Construction)
  13. Calgary International Airport (Airport Tarmack Line Painting)
  14. Banff area roadway work near tunnel mountain road
  15. New Chinook Mall expansion parkade
  16. Calgary Parking Authority  Civic Plaza (lines up on walls only)
  17. ViTran Express Canada Inc (Trucking transport warehouse)
  18. New 7 story Calgary Airport Parkade
  19. New SAIT parkade
  20. City of Calgary LRT Shop facility "safety line marking"
  21. South Centre Mall renovations and expansion parking lot line painting
  22. New Childrens Hospital parkade
  23. Hopewell Distribution Park
  24. Whirlpool Western Canadian Distribution warehouse
  25. Pepsi Distribution warehouse
  26. Lennox Industries warehouse line markings
  27. Deerfoot Inn and Casino parking lot
  28. Cochrane's new New Community Health Care Centre
  29. Steward Creek Landing parkade (Canmore)
  30. Rocky Ridge Landing parkade and exterior line painting
  31. New Cranston School line paintng
  32. New Evergreen School line painting
  33. New Saddleridge School line painting
  34. Red Arrow Bus' parking lot
  35. Strathmore Ranch Market complex